Sunday, May 24, 2009

Obscure Places

Photography. Empty, abandoned places. Kinda...discomfiting.


Anonymous said...

If there weren't clues like the shape of the wall switches here and there, you'd think it was the Zone of Alienation.


Northwest Minuteman said...

interesting blog!

Another blog you may enjoy:

Mark Alger said...

I find no little to fascinate me in the images of urban ruins. There's one set of photos in particular of one Eagle River power station -- a couple hundred high-quality photos, no doubt garnered at some risk. The subject matter is ... forlorn, but the photography is choice.

(Sorry, I can't lay hands on the URL right now. I just realized I seem to have taken down the Urban Ruins section of my blogroll some time ago, which should indicate the dilatory nature of my interest. ::weak grin::)


mts1 said...

Lost Indiana.

Anonymous said...

Heck I know at least one of those places. The quincy mine smelter is at the old quincy copper mine.

I have sitting next to me the very last ingot smelted and poured out of that place and a nice certificate to prove it. I bought it from a museum that had it on display but needed the money. I use it as a door stop on my computer room. The other door stop is another 62 lb ingot of copper that was smelted in the 20's and lost over the side of at a dock near Cleveland. I bought it from a diver who found it while dismantling the dock.

I have been all through there when I was good to undergrad in geology. Great times and good pictures. Too bad the place looks a lot worse then I remember it now 30 odd years ago.