Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fun With Clowns

...And a chipper-shredder! Or, "Canada continues the long quest to overtake Japan as a Global Source of Weirdness." The trip starts here -- be sure to click on through for the vids! (Click on the door marked "videos" for the clowns. Other clickables, other strangenesses. If a French-speaking H.P. Lovecraft ran 7-11...).


Anonymous said...

Umm, yeah.. I'm not with that guy.


Bruce B. said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling better.

Did you see the "Lipposucione" video on the site? I'd think they'd have more of a problem with that one. (Click on the scale next to the Coca Cola cooler in the loading dock scene)

Ed Rasimus said...

I never realized until recently, I guess it was that talking baby on the eTrade commercials who "underestimated the creepiness" when he rented a clown, how truly weird clowns are.

I mean, would any responsible parent turn their child loose in the presence of a clown? Sick puppies! All of them.

And then there's the Santa Claus in "A Christmas Story"..."ho, ho, ho..."

fast richard said...

That's weird. Surfing shaved rats, with cheese slurpees.