Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Seems Like Twice-Taxed

Received today -- did you get yours? --"Indiana Department of Revenue Form 1099G...Dear Recipient: If you itemized deductions on your federal income tax return and claimed a deduction for state and local income taxes paid, the amount shown in Box 2 must be reported to the IRS."

Well, damme. I guess it could be more obnoxious; they could have hired a guy to walk up, stomp on my toes and hand me the letter. And they do promise the amount won't add to my income for Indiana income tax purposes. But geesh. Skin every flint, don't they? And what do I get for it, the warm and reassuring knowledge that I'm keepin' Rep. the Honorable Andre Carson from ruining anything but the Federal Gummint and it's broken already? Feh.


Michael in CT said...

CT does the same thing

Stranger said...

What's really obnoxious is getting dinged for income tax on your last years income tax refund.


Tam said...

You need to pay that money for essentially getting serviced by the governm... I mean, "essential government services".