Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Is A Gun-Controller In Action

Oh, he failed; but state Rep. Vernon[1] Smith (D-Gary) was talkin' smack, waving a toy revolver around and posing in a gimme hat in the House today. I'd'a hit the floor when he pulled out the six-shooter. It looks like a cheapie SAA, even more so when produced unexpectedly.[2] From his bio, looks like he was in Handgun Control, Inc. from way back; are you surprised? Oh, gravitas! Oh, dignity!

1. Originally mispelled "Vermon." Oh, oopsie! Vermin? No, that's what he thinks I am. Gosharootie, it is just sooo confusing.

2. Had you or I tried that, we'd've either been stopped at the metal detectors if it showed up on 'em or tackled by Security in the gallery and spent some handcuff time either way: the statehouse has been an officially gun-free zone for awhile now and it's pretty much TSA rules. But state congressthings are special, with their own door an' no pesky searches. Gee, sure hope none of 'em ever freak out...some of them look to be kinda close already. Ey, Mr. Smith?


Stranger said...

Like Detroit, Gary is pretty much a showplace city for gun control nuts.

Mayor Richard G.(?) Hatcher, elected in 1967 as I recall, was one of the most virulently anti-gun mayors in American history, even worse than two names twice' John Lindsay.

Like Lindsay, Hatcher went off the deep end, and at one time was short reporting Gary's homicides by 80%. Lindsay only managed 67%.

Nice fellow, Hatcher. Really close to Chicago's "Combine." Vermin there is probably a close relative.


Drang said...

Hmmm, us peasants can carry on the Olympia Capitol Campus, including in the statehouse--with a valid CPL, of course.

wv: denzyme. The possibilities are so nearly endless I can't come up w/any...

BobG said...

I remember watching CSPAN some time back, and noticed a trend. It seemed that Democrat speakers had a penchant for props; they love getting up there and waving things around,whether it's ketchup bottles, toy guns, stuffed animals, or whatnot. It's like they are trying to keep a bunch of bored children entertained and need something to hold their attention.

Don said...

Well, who could blame him? It worked last time, in Missouri, when Senator J.B. "Jet" Banks showed up with cap guns and a cowboy hat (hey, it was the '90's, and back then the NRA meme was "redneck cowboy," not "redneck trucker."

Banks was smart enough to claim that someone had left a death threat on his answering machine, though. Too bad your friend didn't think of that.

(The message was from a political ally of Banks, who told him that "opposing CCW would kill his career.")

Gay_Cynic said...

Eh, you can OC on the Olympia Capitol campus w/o a license required. And any ninny who tried waving a gun around on the floor of the State Legislature down in Oly, given the generally humorless views of the WSP, would likely result in all their little issues being rather...permanently...solved.