Friday, January 01, 2010

Third Planet, Holiday

Preliminary Report: We attempted to view their primitive entertainment, a device known as the Lomax or Imax, but were rebuffed: all "tickets" had been purchased prior to our arrival. Fortunately, all was not lost: alert scouting located a source of printed amusement in the immediate vicinity.

...Turk and I set out to see Avatar in immersive-ish 3-D, but no luck. However, right around the corner was a huge used book store, one I didn't even know existed! Pretty kewl and we found a lot of good things there.

Then we set out for (my) home and Turk endeared himself to wimmenfolk of Roseholme Cottage forever by offering to make us all Reuben sammiches! We stopped and picked up the fixin's and then proceeded to make good on his offer and I do mean good. Voila: ...Readers will be shocked to learn I had never had a Reuben; my problem is, I love corned beef and the best local source of Reuben turns out vast sandwiches, almost too big to eat. I just go for the corned beef and gorge myself.

This may have been short-sighted of me. Certainly the Turk Turon version of The Reuben is a delight to the eye and a wonderment to the palate. Accompanied by a dill pickle and washed down with a glass of Hen's Tooth Ale, it is nothing short of a marvel!

As this ActionCam shot, live and direct from the galley kitchen at Roseholme reveals, the Turk Reuben won the immediate and whole-hearted approval to Tam K, too; it was all I could to to get her to wait long enough to snap a picture.

(A sharp eye will spot one of my more decorative teapots atop the cabinets over the cooker. It is in the form of an old-fashioned wood-burning range, complete with pots, pans and tiny teakettle. Oooo, recursion).

UPDATE: Fervent thanx to Nathan, who corrected my small-town misspelling. (Ruben, Reuben, what's to know? They just called us all "rubes" when we visited the big-city stores, or did we hear it wrong? It's the workboots, isn't it? Sigh. I'm gonna go cry in my room!)


John Peddie (Toronto) said...


How's about beaming one of those this way?

Shermlock Shomes said...

I hadn't heard about Turk's ability to cook. I have heard:

The police often question him - just because they find him interesting.

He once had an awkward moment - just to see how it feels.

He can speak French - in Russian.

Justthisguy said...

I must comment, just for the sake of the WV, which is "bingo."

[thinks Tam] "Get outta my way or you die! I'm fixing to _eat_!"

And bingo was his name, o!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Dear, dear Bobbie: The correct spelling is, of course, "Reuben". :)

(And not "Rueben" as I have seen on far too many wannabe deli menus.)

Rob K said...

Mmmm, Reubens! You've missed out for too long. I'm thankful I learned to love them years ago. We had them for dinner on New Years eve, along with homemade corned-beef and cabbage spring rolls.

Roberta X said...

Aaaaagh! Oh, the horror! Will fix soonest; thank you, Nathan. ;D

Ed Skinner said...

Never had a Reuben before? [Gak!] OMG, you've had a depraved life and need to fix it!

Let's see, what should be on your list?

Blueberry blintzes, for sure.
Italian beef sandwich, wet.
Bowl of Nabeyaki Udon.
Korean hot pot.
Canadian beaver tail (pastry, not animal).
Green chili burro enchilada style.
Chicken with Poblano Mole' (sauce).
Dove dark chocolate.

That's a good start.

BobG said...

One of my favorite sandwiches.

Ed Skinner said...

Make that "deprived" not "depraved" in my previous comment, the latter of which we hope does not apply.