Thursday, January 14, 2010

SETI Receives First Message!

This just in: Scientists at SETI have, at long last, picked up a message beamed to us from alien life!
Dear Neighbor:

Do not throw this message away. Make copies IMMEDIATELY and send them to at least twelve nearby stars and good things will come to you.

A planet orbiting V606 Aquilae received a copy of this message 1,751 of your years ago and the inhabitants LAUGHED at it. V606 Aquilae went NOVA shortly afterwards and all life on that planet was destroyed.

The natives of a moon circling a planet in the Beta Centuari system decoded a copy of this message and promptly sent it to fourteen other solar systems. They have enjoyed PEACE and PROSPERITY ever since.

You don't want to experience the terrible thing that happened to the Aquilans. Send your copies out immediately.

Thank you,
Your concerned neighbors
I dunno. At least they're not selling AlienWay fanchises.


Tango Juliet said...


Bob said...


Or the interstellar equivalent of Nigerian 419 scams.

Anonymous said...

Just think, if we ever do make contact, the next thing we'll get knowing our luck is interstaller JWs.


Ken said...

Roberta wins the Internets. Bob finishes second; coulda forced overtime by writing an actual extraterrestial 419 scam. ;-)

Bob said...

@Ken: Sloth, mine own Deadly Sin.


wv: zymedu: name of the banker in my interstellar 419 scam.

Jeffro said...

I wonder if their personal connected devices become infected as ours do - and will we be getting warnings about the latest infection "Do not open the Best Solar Flare Wishes Card, as it will wipe out the zero sector of your hard drive, where all the important data is kept."

Remember to forward to everyone you know - better to be wrong and just annoying than allow this thing to take over the universe!

Anonymous said...

They walk amongst us.

See Ya

Peter said...

What? You mean that the email I got from Nigerius Prime informing that I have 10 billion quatroons is fake?

If you can't trust aliens, then my faith in humenity is shattered. Oh, wait..