Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple Introduces iPad

...Heard around the starship: "Is it absorbent?" Um, rilly: not what you should have named it.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I thought that was a dumb name when I read it this morning...and now I know why I thought it was a dumb name.

Jobs is slipping. That name alone will kill the buzz for a lot of people :)

Justthisguy said...

Yup, Uncle did a smart remark along those lines, too.

What's weird, for those who know the history of "sanitary napkins" and battle dressings, is that (at least in the local Publices) you can no longer find the old-fashioned kind of um, menstrual wear. All they have are the kinds you stick in the panties, or the tampons.

I was in there trying to complete my first-aid kit, knowing that Sanitary Napkin = Battle Dressing, near as makes no difference. The woman who patented Kotex was an Army nurse in WWI, and noticed that the dressings were more convenient than the improvisations lots of women used. Later, it went the other way, and some people in lines of work in which they might get shot carried S. napkins if they couldn't get the military kind.

Justthisguy said...

P.s. I have read that tampons are good for stanching effusion of blood from bullet holes, but you must use the O.B. variety, as they are the only ones which expand sideways, not lengthwise.

Roberta X said...

Just: look for "maternity pads." Gotta still be available, pregnancy and childbirth having not gone out of style; and yeah, every first-aid kit needs a few.

aczarnowski said...

I admit to being a bit childish with regards to the new wonder gadget name. When I saw the 64GB version referred to as the maxi-pad, childishness was cemented in for good.

I won't be surprised if the Jobs Reality Distortion Field (TM) kicks in an makes the iPad into something we can't live without. But I'm not seeing it out of the gate.