Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fried Rice!

Nothing to it -- I had some leftovers and odds and ends: "Success" brand boil-in-bag brown rice, a half-dozen or so slices of good bacon, five green onions, a radish, a nice red chili pepper, a couple of eggs and some shoyu.

Boil the rice while you chop the veggies and fry up the bacon in a wok, maybe check your e-mail, too; rinse the rice in cold water (still in the bag) and drain it. Take the bacon out and leave it to rest on some paper toweling. Pour off about half the fat, sizzle up the rice with enough shoyu (it turns darkish), toss the vegetables in and keep cookin' 'til the onion gets really bright; push it all to the sides, turn the heat up and scramble the eggs in the middle, stirring constantly with whatever you favor (I like a chopstick or bamboo skewer) and when the eggs are done, stir the rice in and add the bacon. Done!

Hot, tasty and pretty quick. Not even really a recipe but worth remembering. Tam and I made it vanish in near-record time.


Joe Allen said...

If you plan in advance, make your steamed rice a day early and keep it in the fridge overnight. The texture turns out even better.

Mike W. said...

a bit of bacon is an essential ingredient for good fried rice.