Thursday, January 21, 2010

Audio Brilliance!

Old Grouch, in comments here: "...which reminds me: I should record the next episode of cat horkage to use as my Windows startup sound."

Oh, yeah. Totally. Be a fun celphone ringtone, too. Heh.


Jeffro said...

Oh! Be still my beating heart! Just what I want to hear when I'm away from home to bring back fond memories of the feline that rules the roost..... ;)

Popgun said...

Well, darn. Now everybody will be doing it.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Ah, but how to get them to york on cue? My Mom's surefire, neverfail, method is to 'permit' (read catch the little blighter in the act) them to eat half the meringue off of a lemon meringue pie when company is coming over in 2 hours. That'll induce that noise out of the felines. And the best part is you can re-meringue the pie and serve it up in 30 minutes if you still have the eggs.

What? It's just cat spit.

Ian Argent said...

Prefer my bagpipes for ringtone. OTOH, the three steps in playing the 'pipes are 1. Find cat, 2. Grasp cat firmly against side, 3. place tail in mouth, 4. bite down.

WV: venem, what the cat will use on you afterwards