Friday, January 22, 2010

Furniture Invention

The "decliner:" a comfy chaise-lounge specially built to refuse offers from.


sam said...

Offers of what, from whom, were you thinking of, beautiful?

I have a broken La-z-boy chair that fits your term, if not your coinage.

I wish I could afford to get it fixed. It's cozy enough for two, not that I'm implying anything. OK, maybe I am.

WV: syndead

So many choices; technical, religious, communications ...

I'll go with vernacular; "So many of the same things are gone ..."

MrWolf. said...

That is brilliant.As I'm in Godzone and you aren't, can I be Wilde to your Whistler, file the numbers off, and use it myself?

Roberta X said...

Why not? Go for it!