Saturday, January 30, 2010

Somehow Part Of Superbowl 2012

"More than 150 high school sophomores from around the state have been enlisted as part of the so-called 'Green Corps.' The students are part of the 1st and Green initiative, which aims at encouraging Hoosiers to reduce their carbon footprint by recycling and altering other personal habits."

Is it wrong to point out that their lifetime carbon contribution would be hugely reduced if they each leapt into a blast furnace? C'mon, now, it's for the Greater Good!

But, seriously, this is part of Indianapolis' 2012 Superbowl? Man, I so hope they get the Tooth Decay booth up, too. That sports contest will never return!

This is what that Aztec Mayan[1] calendar was tryin' to warn us about.
1. I sit corrected. While they may all blur into a solid mass of pyramid-building, human-sacrificin' folk with good roads and no wheels from here, just like the Wookiee-Yeti-Sasquatch-Bigfoot-Gigantopithecus divide, it would have mattered a great deal to them; some of 'em weren't even around at the same time.


Data Viking said...

reduced...blast furnace snicker. Aztec != Mayan calender which is the one hippies are getting their empty little heads in a tizzy over the ending of the 12th cycle and the beginning of the 13th cycle in 2012.

WV: exine - it was a horse but it is no longer.

Roberta X said...

There's reduction and reduction.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Carbon is neither created nor destroyed...


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Is that a variant of squee?


Old Grouch said...

More state-sponsored busybodies. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

For every act that they do to reduce their carbon footprint, I pledge to idle my SUV in the parking lot of my office for one hour, eat a steak and kill an animal.

Shootin' Buddy