Saturday, January 09, 2010

Why Are Anti-Gunners So Violent?

Posted at the website of the hot-headed hubby of Southern Female Lawyer, who has had all the linkage she wants already, and more besides (and turns out to not be especially anti herself):
I am a woman. I train regularly with a firearm, I have a "carry permit" and I do carry a sidearm. Prior to so doing, I was robbed at gunpoint twice and stalked.

I do think the individual right (not requirement, Rob; if you don't care to own a gun, that's your right) to keep and bear arms is important.

Do you wish to punch me in the face?
(He offered to "...come over to your house and punch your f---king face in" to one commenter at SFL's blog; SFL herself, after initially being very annoyed at massive pro-gun commenting, recovered with a great deal of grace. Meanwhile, he avers, "Luckily, I live in a society where I’m not really worried about things that my size, strength or brains can’t overcome." For those keeping count, that's two assertions of brute force and three of male privilege and no kind of "level playing field" at all. Tsk, and him a former Democrat candidate for office, too. It's a world turned upside down, it is).

On his own blog, he's been editing, for his own amusement, the horrid comments left by knuckle-dragging Neandertals like me; so for my own amusement, I'll be tracking what he tries with mine. Results, if any (and not obscene), may be posted here.

Probably ought to proffer a link and so I shall did -- to Caleb's character analysis. And then it got abused, so I have yanked it.

Update: Lookie here, I don't mind twitting a guy over his less-mature utterances but the present instance is, in fact, not a bedammned arm-wresting contest; which was the gist of the point I now see I have failed to make clearly enough. My point: It's foolish to threaten to "punch people's faces in" over the Internet; not as dumb as dropping the crappy pistol you're pocket-carrying sans holster or magic good-to-go card and potting an innocent bag-boy in the process,* but still pretty dumb. Dumb as well to respond with offers to cry copper or to meet in a dark lot at midnight (or whatever); and otherhandedly, if you really think your online-debating partners are intellectually, morally and grammatically deficient, how silly is it to go editing their comments, rather than lettin' 'em stand for the whole world to see and judge?

I'm ashamed of a lot of the behavior I have seen -- and of myself, for having fanned the flames. I'm happy to stand up for what I believe and happy when others do the same; I'm not really happy when y'all (oh, yes, him too) stand up and drop trou' for what you believe.

Update: And speaking of being ashamed of behavior, both Southern Female Lawyer and her groom hubby have deleted the whole thing from their blogs, all of it, gone, poof! So much for standing by one's words; so much for having pride in one's convictions. 'Sa pity so much of it got archived elsewhere. Much like a bullet, what we post on Teh Intarwebz cannot be undone once it's been launched; far better to be sure of one's target and what's behind it before engaging the keyboard. Gutlessness is not a positive quality, no matter what side of the debate you're on. I'm disappointed. I wish I was surprised.
* The precipitating incident for the blog post that started this firkin of flounder flapping.


og said...

Posted in his comments, anxious to see what he edits it to say:

"Please, by all means, edit my comment

I'm personal friends with many of the people you've disrespected. And now you have my email address. Please, write me! I'll happily send you my address, and just as happily let you come and punch me. Hell, I'll let you take several swings at me, if you like. I'll gather all those folks so they can watch. I'll be completely unarmed."

John B said...

please send me advance notice. I'd like to offer to meet Rob at a time and place of his choosing. I used to let morons hit me three or four times in the face before I'd retaliate. Thus witnesses would say the other guy threw the first several punches before I clobbered them.

I'd even leave my gun(s) in the car.

I'd left a comment on SFL's board simply repeating her rhetoric, and espousing an opinion on her spouse.
It never got approved.
She's for free speech, for her and hubby.
For us, not so much.
Who is the coward here. Us wimpy gun-toting sissies, or the bullies who are afraid to let us speak.

BTW, wasn't it one of the leading gun-toting hoi-polloi who gave her the exposure.

PS this guy has a band?
Rob Russell & the Sore Losers
'nuff said!

Jay G said...

og, I swear to G-d if this guy takes you up on your offer I will drive out to you to get it on video.

The popcorn concession alone could be worth millions...

John B said...

Sort of an illuminating look into the mind of one of our would-be elected rulers.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I think Lazarus Long had a handle on it, Bobbie.

"Never frighten a little man. He’ll kill you."

The longer I live, the more I think he wasn't talking about physical size.

Roberta X said...

Indeed, indeed.

Unknown said...

Roberta, Thanks for putting in a good word for SFL herself. On some of the other blogs I've heard her blasted as much as her husband.

I liked her comment, something about combat veterans, which got quite a rise out of the pro-gun guys.

The point I took from it was that it takes more than shooting a few targets at the range once in a while to make one truly competent with firearms.

Weer'd Beard said...

Looks like they were so proud of their statements that them memory hole'd the whole thing.

Roberta X said...

What comment would that be, Mikeb302000? Reasoned Discourse (TM) has done broke out: they have deleted the whole thing: what they said, what others said, poof!...why, it is as if they were ashamed of their behavior something.

And by the way, you're not welcome here. I'm not going to delete your comments but I did want to remind you.