Monday, January 18, 2010

Indiana Firearms Freedom Act -- Again. Plus Guns In Cars

Now it's SB0416 from Senator Waterman. That makes three in the Senate, SB0200 (Sen. Walker, with Kruse, Nugent, Arnold, Delph and Yoder as co-authors) and SB0276, from Senators Holdman and Kruse. So I guess it is a movement, albeit one that's still getting co-ordinated. (All of these bills exclude fully-automatic weapons, so if you were gonna set up a garage operation to make Sten guns, you'll need to modify the design).

Meanwhile, SB0025, the "okay if locked in your car" bill is still moving, having made it out of committee with a "do pass" recommendation. Alas, it does include langauge allowing colleges to ban your gun even if you are not a student. Is this a good trade? I don't know; it can be very difficult to even know when you're on the grounds of a college or university around here -- streets run right through 'em.


Shermlock Shomes said...

Re: Colleges and streets. I made that observation to our VP of Student Life here at IUPUI. Pointing out the window, I said, "Now, standing on that sidewalk [on a city street] I can smoke a cigarette and carry a firearm. Three feet in this direction and I can't."

Rob K said...

Even with that exclusion, it's better than the situation as is.

charles said...

Check out HB1289. Speed cameras in Indiana, probably targeted at 45mph work zones.