Thursday, January 28, 2010

State Of The Ugh

The Hon. the blighted Vice-President Jos. P. Biden, only Veep to have rid the short bus to the office, on NBC this ayem: "People can expect unemployment to grow..." Hastily corrected by the interviewer, he appeared barely aware of having misspoken; perhaps, in a rare moment of candor, he hadn't.

But hey, this here's the United States; we expect our Vice-Presidents to suffer gaffitis and spew venom and his version is distinguished only by combining blindness and blandess in roughly equal measure. What about his boss?

Ah, yes, his boss. Even as I loathe his politics and policies, I've admired the man's affable charm...which he sheds every time he thinks History Is Watching, trading it in for a degree of turgid pomposity matched by few other modern Presidents.

With a narrative marked by wondering aloud at how come those awful R's won't at least relax and pretend to enjoy it, it's business as usual, as the President leads his party in whistling past the graveyard where their Senate supermajority lies. Remember, their side's held a majority in Congress since 2006 -- what have they done with it except spend and whine? Come to think of, that seems to be Congress's job description.


Crucis said...

Ya know, for all the bloopers and mis-statement, Biden has spoken truth more than anyone in the administration. It's just usually an embarrassing truth---for Obama and the dems.

Anonymous said...

If you'd like a thin sliver of good news, check your e-mail. :)


Anonymous said...

Hear his speech, or go to the gun range. Hear his speech or go to the gun range. It was a very diffucult choice....Duh? Could not hear his speech with my "ears" on.

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