Friday, January 29, 2010

Shark: Jumped

In his latest tape to hit the pop charts (or is it "bang?" More of a fizzle, these days), the animatronic figure that claims to be Osama bin Laden scolded the United States for causing climate change.

Okay, that's it; moonbattery from the left has reached all the way around to lay hold of hard-line paternalistic authoritarians: the shark has done been jumped.

Now, can we finally bomb the creep flat and get back to important stuff -- like putting out all the little brushfires his line of nonsense helped set?


Tam said...

Cave paste says what?

sam said...

I would not put it past the current administration to make an announcement just before the election that OBL is dead, and has been since 2002/2003.

The reason for revealing the closely guarded secret would be that "it is no longer necessary," or maybe something even lamer like "the Bin Laden family needs closure."

"October surprise," anyone?

Data Viking said...

Perhaps it is his way of tossing his hat into the ring for the likely soon to be available position as Chairman of the IPCC which would, should he be successful, give him diplomatic immunity which would give pols of all stripes apoplexy and heart attacks -- something which is all good and a fervently to be hoped for event. grin

WV: mortio - the ultimate Harry Potter universe death curse.