Thursday, January 21, 2010

Turk Fisks A Fool

Yes, another self-made Second Amendment Exxxxpert weighs in and is, on the balance, found wanting. I read the original this morning and thought about going after it, but our own Turk Turon has done so far more eloquently.

The "expert" happens to be Canadian. Bashing the 'States has long been a hobby of some Canadians and it's harmless enough; as a small county (population-wise) bordering a much larger one, with (partially) shared language and similar culture, some resentment is inevitable and better they should get it out. --But just 'cos we talk the same lingo (sometimes) and spell it almost the same, just 'cos we watch a lot of the same TV shows (mostly ours, but a huge lot of 'em are filmed up there), that doesn't mean we're qualified to offer meaningful insight into one another's culture, customs or systems of government. There are deep and significant differences. I don't expect Canadians to be just like my actual next-door neighbors and for the life of me, I don't know why I should aspire to be more Canadianesque myself, either. It's more interesting when we're each ourselves. There are a lot of fine folks under the Maple Leaf flag and I'm happy to know 'em; and I suppose I should be reassured to discover you are just as well supplied with ijits as we are, too.


John Peddie (Toronto) said...

As a Canadian, I can't tell you how lucky to have what's left of your Second Amendment-at least you have something worth fighting for.

Our resident elected clowns shackled us way back in 1934, and have been tightening up ever since.

As for America bashing, yeah, it's far too common up here. America has been driving its own train and solving its own problems for - let's see - gotta be 250 years or so, and doing quite well without outside "help", thank you.

Carry on.

Bob said...

I went over there and posted a reply to the fool's essay, and actually got him to admit error, at least on the subject of beheading in UK as a method of execution. I'll not bother fisking him further concerning his inclusion of George W. Bush among the world's dictators; I figure that having gotten one admission of error from him is enough of a day's work.

Timmeehh said...

Corner Gas is the funniest sit-com evah. Better than anything made in the US. If you've never seen it, you should feel deprived.