Friday, May 14, 2010

Back From Dayton

...The Dayton Hamvention, that is. Walked, I dunno, all day. Twenny miles? More? Lots. Saw mondo kewl stuff, including (I think) the same Millen Variarm VFO and QST-article original version I saw last year. (A Grant for the homebrew, a Franklin for the Millen, c'mon, you know you want it -- I can't carry 'em). Telegraph keys are being sold for cash again; at one point, collectible keys were moving in swap or not at all. Make that Ca$$$h: a rare key I long for, the "73" Ultimate big, good examples in the $750 range; Mecographs, another WANT!, $450 and up. Ouch! But those are genuinely fair prices for rare and wondrous artifacts.

Saw Tom Perera and Gil Schliemann, key collectors extraordinaire; Gil had two rare Martin Autoplexes.

Photos and a more complete report later, probably at Retrotechnologist. I've spent the day in Geek Heaven and I am fair wore out.

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