Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sunday Potpourri

...Tam and I did Major Grocery Run yesterday morning, then stowed our hard-won loot and had Indiana Indian Buffet Lunch. One of the world's great cuisines -- face it, tandoori chicken is miles better than any other take on the fowl! It'd been, for some reason, years since I'd had any. And there were two chick-pea dishes, cold and warm (I dote on 'em, no idea why but -- yum). I usually fail at describing the dishes, let along naming them; lamb meatballs in a delicious sauce stood out, along with a marvelous vegetable curry, but it was alllll good. Excellent rice, too! Highly recommended; they have the buffet Saturday middays, possibly other times as well.

There's a little new content at Retrotchnologist and the next stage of the process will be performed shortly. Updates will follow.

Noticed in the paper that stencil-cutting printers have become quite inexpensive. Sure, it's one more Kewl Art Thing that now anyone can do -- but it makes a handy way to permanently label things a lot handier. (I stencil major electrical components, using good enamel or lacquer paint: it doesn't fade or fall off and now when you refer to " Panelboard 11" or whatever, everyone knows which one it is. Downside: be wary of things that make sparks!). This also may explain why I am suddenly seeing more stencilled graffiti. My special kudos (and condemnation) to the vandal who's doing a two-part alien face. Nice concept, good execution -- now scrub it off, ya lowlife.

And it'll be off to Mother's Day this afternoon for me.