Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Put The Mind Down And Back Slowly Away, Lady

I know I sorta promised to post stuff tonight but I'm still so tired, I'm on pattern-recognition overdrive.

Rilly and truly; I was in the euphemism, touching up my coiffure (or something), when I had the sensation (oh, horrors!) of being watched!

The creepitude. The awfulness -- but where? Where? Then I saw it, on a shelf at eye level: the Angry Purple Samurai!

What have we done to annoy him so? How can we fix it?

And why is he on a can of air freshener?So I think you can see why I'll try again, tomorrow. Hey, at least I got the images out of my camera.


LeeAnn said...

My husband hung a picture of John Wayne over our toilet. I can barely go anymore.

Bob said...

For some reason, it resembles Kim Jong-Il.

Ken said...

I keep finding old Italian Renaissance-looking gents peering from various wallpaper and shower-curtain patterns.

Anonymous said...



Hat Trick said...

There's an old crone of a witch in the wood grain of the bathroom door at my grandparents' house. Freaked me out as a little kid.