Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Good Morning

Well, good-ish. Better than they've been running: I have time to make an Actual Breakfast and hope to change the oil in my scooter. Kind of a big deal, since it's a four-stroke redesign of a two-stroke Vespa engine.

After that, if the weather holds, scooter-riding errands! Hooray!


phlegmfatale said...

Have fun with your scooty-goodness!
I think I'm having scooter-envy.

WV: damniast.

I like that one. I'm going to use damniast in a sentence today.

HaoG said...

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Roberta X said...

Do we believe this?

Roberta X said...

H'mm. Blog looks real enough. Caveat Emptor, friends.

Anonymous said...

I guess I could either go sniff out that blog for my own curiousity, or I could go ride my bicycle. Hmm. Bike it is, right after I mow the lawn.