Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In The News

On the TV this morning, two stories; the first, the recently-released FBI Uniform Crime Report, showing an overall downward trend (5.5% less, a much larger step down than previously), even stronger in big cities (down 6.9%). Two unrelated stories and a commercial break later, a prepackaged piece outta of Texas builds on an NSSF report that women account for 48 percent of the students in their First Shots classes.

...No connection, of course.... Criminals would never, evar deign to notice their intended victims were becoming more and more interested in fighting back.

(And all this in a recession, a time when the "experts" were predicting an increase in the crime rate).


Dirk said...

Hm. Maybe as people have less and less, they get more interested in trying to hang on to what they have?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Mayor Daley is closing his eyes and plugging his ears and saying "I can't HEEEEEEAR you...."

wv: sentoxic. What they ought to rename the US Senate.