Saturday, May 15, 2010

O Wotta Day: Tired Much?

Soooo... Turk Turon and Shootin' Buddy both visited today, bicycles in hand. Advance!

Gee, where did we go? --Quarter-mile walk for brekky and the same back home; bicycle dash up to get cat medicine (and some White Truffle Garlic Olive Oil [oooooo, pity the popcorn made with this, for it shall be devoured] plus this'n'that from a new place we found -- they even have Black Cherry Balsamic Vinegar!) for about eight and a half miles, plus or minus. Some customer-duuuude in a bike shop we stopped by noticed Tam's hat and... But that's her story to tell.

Cat medication procured and returned home (it must be kept cold), another call-it-a-mile up to the Broad Ripple Art Fair, where we walked and walked and walked, experiencing much art (and fine craft) in the process. My "alpha geekette" T-shirt was much admired by members of the Writer's Center of Indiana, from one of whom I obtained -- for a donation to the Center -- an "Instant Poem" (Just add water, apply as needed) , one I quite fancy and hope to scan for later posting.

Other wondrous Items Of Art were also purchased, including a triptych of bookish, philosophical, studious, scientific birdmen (which I shall not scan but might photograph obliquely), a work that might've delighted Dali. Hoped to find a link but his Etsy shelves are bare. John Charbonneau's the artist -- a man with an usual eye.

I'm not sure if a handmade, fresh-dried catnip pillow counts as "art," "craft" or simply "great," but one artist had them (and lavender sachets as well, trimmed in cloth roses). A great hit with the cats, the catnip scent evokes such good memories for me -- catnip grew in shady areas around the house were I did most of my growing up -- that I was a little tempted to keep it for myself. Tommy and Slinky's enjoyment of it seemed to be even greater than my own.

Another pleasing discovery: there's a fair supply of quality, handmade furniture to be found at quite affordable prices; made of solid wood by, by golly, artists, what we saw was a pleasure to hand, eye -- and in the case of the bentwood chairs, fundament as well.

There were several turners of wooden bowls, an artform with results from skilled hands ranging from the "merely" eye-pleasing right up through astounding examples that stopped me in my tracks.

Bowls, fine furniture and attractive, functional kitchenware were not the only things made from wood at the Art Fair -- these spoke to me! Do have a look; per an interview proudly posted in her booth, the artist once told her husband she'd fancy a bandsaw over a wedding band and he was happy to oblige. Folks like that, we need more of.

There was more -- much, much more! -- but the day was waning and my companions were feeling hunger pangs; so back down the trail we went, to the warm and friendly embrace of the Broad Ripple Brew Pub, for libations (pear cider for me!) and comestibles; then to home and here I am, fondly contemplating bed. Sleep will be my artform tonight.

Photos will follow, but not tonight. Turk's found a few.


Jeffro said...

Speaking of Tommy - he's apparently doing well?

The Cat Whom I Exist To Serve (Rooster) seems to have absolutely no interest in catnip.

Roberta X said...

Tommy is much improved; he's a very old cat, so he's not specially active, but he had plenty of energy to love on the catnip.

Drang said...

So, the hand-carved wooden purses--concealed carry models? Although we are somewhat relieved to see you can't order them from the web site...
(Yes, "we" as in Mrs. Drang and I both. Although one would make a great Christmas present...)

LabRat said...

Muir, Audubon, Darwin?