Friday, May 07, 2010

Mad Mike Unleashes

...And turns his wrath upon smokers. Man, that's gotta sting. Some original thoughts in there -- and do please note he's not sayin' there otta be a law.


Anonymous said...

No arguments here. What people do on their own time on their own money is their business, but I don't want to be exposed to it, and I definitely do not appreciate seeing cigarette butts *everywhere*.


JC said...

Got serious problems with his Manichean attitude, but I posted a comment and feel better about myself for it. Thanks, Roberta, for this chance to vent elsewhere.
I'm going to try to get up to the Indianoplace area sometime soon. Unfortunately, I fear that it will be for a funeral.

John B said...

I used to be a non-smoker with a tolerance for smokers. Of course in my social circle is was acceptable to give out a beat down for a deliberate exhalation in ones face.

I am now a rare occasional smoker who counsels the addicted to quit. In order to cripple the state.

Were I an elected offal, I'd totally rescind the tobacco taxes... And all programs funded by them.

Vote John for Gubber! Darwin Party

Divemedic said...

Good post, except he got a couple of facts wrong:

Tetrahydrocannibonol, or THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) has a half life of 36 hours.

Nicotine, 60 minutes. So tobacco does NOT have the same effect.

(I am not a smoker) and there SHOULD be a law in public. What you do when you aren't exposing me to your drug of choice, I don't care. I just don't want to have to do drugs with you.

Stranger said...

Well, anyone who cites Commander Cody for Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette when everyone knows that was Tex Williams' hit should be looked at carefully.

After all, "I Took Three Bennies and My Truck Won't Start" is pretty much thematic of the Commander's very excellent but sadly under appreciated work.

THC, which appears to have an infinite half life in certain critical body parts, can also stand a critical look. The late John W. Campbell described it as completing certain critical molecules. Whatever, it certainly does a body no good.

And I want nothing to do with either 'baccy or whacky 'baccy.


Joanna said...

I file cigarettes under "keep that f*cking thing away from me". I always wonder how the "I have a right to smoke in public" crowd feels about their neighbor playing loud music late at night.

Tam said...

neutron star is to matter as ex-smoker is to sanctimoniousness.

Roberta X said...

...speaking of "that's gotta sting..." Hey, wait -- Mad Mike never smake. Er, smoked. Ow!

perlhaqr said...

...speaking of "that's gotta sting..." Hey, wait -- Mad Mike never smake. Er, smoked. Ow!

He says he did. Unfiltered Camels, even.

When I became an ex-smoker the scent of second hand smoke started to really irritate me. So I stopped going places that allowed it. I have to admit I find it convenient that many more places are available to me after the local ordinance, but I dislike gov't throwing their weight around on private property owners even when it benefits me.

Roberta X said...

Tam pointed it out, too. Um, I've slept since I read it...?

I note also some umbrage at his, "You brought it on yourself," in re smokers and anti-smoking laws; in this, I believe he is referring to the public opinion that allows such laws to be made and enforced, opinion fuelled by disgust at walking into one's workplace (etc) over cigarette-butt-strewn surfaces, through a cloud of stale smoke. (--This certainly happens where I work, despite two large, lit-smoke-safe ash/butt cans in the smoking area, which is well off to one side and not in a loading dock/exhaust vent area). And, sorry, he's right. That does not mean mean such intrusive laws are right -- but it explains how we got 'em.

There are polite, careful smokers. Tam's good about it, for instance. Often, the rude ones tend to drown 'em out.