Friday, May 21, 2010

Knoxville: Center Of The Universe?

Perhaps this belongs at Retrotechnologist; I may cross-post it there.

In the aftermath of the big Dayton Hamvention, I have learned that century-plus-old semiautomatic telegraph keymaker Vibroplex has been sold (Mitch, the previous owner, may've retired) and has relocated to the new owner's hometown.

To Knoxville.

Knoxville, Tennessee. The city my roommate visits several times a year. The city where I get most of my gunsmithing done.

I'm startin' t'think the place has even more goin' for it than I've been hearing.

Congratulations to Scott Robbins, W4PA, the new head honcho in charge of one of the oldest names in communication. He's already expanded the product line to include some of the harder-to-find parts and accessories.


Ed Skinner said...

I shoot Bullseye because it's hard, and I think I'll probably have to get an old-style Vibroplex keyer for the same reason -- the adjustment instructions will keep me busy:

Crucis said...

As I turn left to my Han Desk, I spy my Deluxe Vibroplex "bug" given to my by a good friend who didn't return from VN. It's accompanied by a silver dual paddle keyer and a Deluxe single paddle keyer. I'm used the single paddle the most 'cause I still have problems getting proficient with an Iambic paddle.

I'm glad to see that Vibroplex continues in business and Robbins continues the tradition.