Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Only Spelled "Newspaper"

It's pronounced "just going through the motions:" today's edition of the Indianapolis Fish-Wrap And Simulated Intelligencer arrived in a nice fat bundle that turned out to contain only ads -- including a scarrrrry flyer from Gander Mountain, guns & all -- and the "fluff" sections. No news. No editorials. No additional rolled-up bundle of brightly-inked newsprint on the front lawn (when we still had paperboys, not all that long ago, it was a point of pride to 'em to put the paper on your doormat). Nuthin'.

I wonder if they finally cut back to one (1) editor, plus a part-time stringer coverin' the City Hall/Statehouse beat, the ad department and a janitor? Heck, they can get college interns to work for free and send that last reporter home, too.

Or maybe they ran another anti-self-defense piece, making their case for denying civil rights to citizens and are tryin' to dodge being taken to task over it yet again? --No, it can't be; they're not that clever.

Hey, Mister -spit- Editor, I'm payin' you for catbox liner. You're not deliverin'. The Wall Street Journal is just as absorbent, y'know.


DataViking said...

Will I be the only one to have read 'part-time stringer' initially as 'part-time stripper' ? I have got to slow down a tad when I read ... although one must admit it is likely to be just as appropriate.

Roberta X said...

Well, the tips are better, stripping -- and you work with a better class of people.