Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Hysteria Continues: The Paper, Our Guns

They've buried it so deep, you can find it from their own website, but a search engine winkled it out: local columnist (Karl, are you sure that's got a "l" innit? Vlad?)* Fran Quigley, "an attorney working on local and international poverty issues" (and living, you betcha, like a monk) and a longtime foe of your right to self-defense, he thinks guns are just icky.

As far as he's concerned, a legal gun show, filled with law-abiding citizens, is exactly the same thing as a guy gettin' gunned down in an alley off Washington Street; he's sure the "guns in your car at work" bill will lead to carnage...and cites a looney who ignored a current work rule against it in proof. Yep, a State employee had a bad review an' fetched a shotgun...a day later; and we can see that a rule askin' him not to sure dissuaded him -- or, wait, Fran, didn't it only mean his intended victims hardly had a chance? Laws and rules don't stop ijits who think addin' a felony charge or six is a good way to fix a bad review; they only stop the law-abiding.

It's a lesson Fran doesn't want to learn. Enjoy your bubble, pal, and your air-conditioned office, too. How's that "poverty issue" lawyering pay, anyhow -- and just how many starving people could your day's pay feed? But it's not enough for you that they go hungry, you want 'em to be disarmed, too, and everyone else along with them. Friends like you are why the poor don't need enemies.

Columnists like you are why the paper's goin' broke.
* Originally, I was asking the Internationale set if the word had otta have a "r" in it. --Looky here, gaijin, they're pretty much the same sound. It's not like you hear the diff 'tween "th" in "the" and "theater;" or even enunciate it, some places.


BobG said...

Sounds like some shyster who has plans to run for office at some time in the near future, and is setting up for his "impressive resume of fighting gun violence" campaign.

og said...

I have loved newspapers all my life. The feel of them in my hands, the process of getting them from a big pressroom to my hands, the smell of the ink, the way the typesetters and pressmen and engravers and etc turned lead and ink and paper into the news.

I still love that.

I don't love the ideas behind the words anymore, nor most of the people who write them, and it's sad.

Pointman said...

Thanks, I read the Indy Puppy Trainer's op-eds daily (not sure why I persist frankly) and had completely missed that one.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

As I noted, a better title for that piece of steaming excrement might have been "Brain working undertime".

Andrew said...

He's an academic, smatterfact.


Roberta X said...

Ah, so not a real job, then.