Thursday, May 13, 2010


"NA NA na NAAAH na! Your name is Ish-mael!"

"Waaah! No it izzint, no it izzint, that's just what they call me. You whales are mean. I'm gonna tell Moby!"

I picture it as a cross between Tiny Toons Adventures and Moby-Dick, with pint-size versions of the narrator, Ahab (the ringleader and occasional bully), and Queequeg (a child but, of course, adult-sized); the Peaquod would be a wrecked rowboat stuck in the sand and Moby Dick? Their nanny, of course, on whom they play no end of pranks....

Supporting cast includes the other characters from the book -- Starbuck, Stubb, Flask, the remainder of the harpooners (armed with slingshots? Peashooters?), etc. and a flock of unruly whale calves. (Or would that be a pod?)

Madcap hijinks ensue.

Horribly, it would probably even work.

Bonus: In every episode, they lose Bulkington!


Joanna said...

I'd watch it. I might have to get really, really drunk first, but I'd watch it.

Scott McCray said...

+1 on the really, really drunk part - but I'm on board! Good stuff.


homebru said...

Horrible it might have been but that never seems to stop the purveyors of Saturday morning cereal and toy commercials.

They might be slowed, however, by the fact that you published the idea first and, thus, have a simple copyright.

If you can keep such dross off the ether, you have an obligation to expand and extend your thoughts on other "classics that shouldn't become tiny cartoons".

What can you do with "Robinson Crusoe" or "Last of the Mohicans"?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Hmm, I see you have the spammer, too.

George said...

(from the original)
"Call me, Fishmeal."

Roberta X said...

Commoncents: Prove me you're not a spamblog.