Monday, January 16, 2012


"Menu board" type sign on the side of a downtown filling station, below the gasoline company's flamboyant logo:

I would not care to even begin to speculate between that last line's being a signature or identifying the guy who's going to have to pay inside, but it sure looked like one or the other.


Jennifer said...

Oh dear!
Chester's Chicken just so happens to be in a lot of stations I've very familiar with.

Jennifer said...


Roberta X said...

So, not a nickname, then?

...FWIW, I think it's "I'm" while actually eating the chicken and "I've been" afterwards.

Me, I figure if it had a first name, ya prolly should not eat it.

LabRat said...

The chicken is not bad.

The rolls I'm not sure if I would dignify as anything other than "glucose product".

KurtP said...

You need to try their gizzards- srsly!

Get there before noon or they'll be gone.

Jeffro said...

It's a franchise located in a ton of truck stops and convenience stores. It is better than the standard "broasted" chicken one usually finds.

Roberta X said...

Ummm, gizzards! I'm tempted; the Colonel dunno from gizzards, dammit.

LabRat said...

Kurt's actually right; I rarely get the gizzards anymore but that's just because the truck stop on my route between here and mom's house in AZ is distanced such that they're always gone by the time I get there. As are the livers, which I like more.

Ironically both are significantly better than most of the rest of the sides.

elmo iscariot said...

There's a little diner about a mile south of where I live that's been owned by the same folks for about ninety years. They like to profile specific menu items on their sign board, which makes sense, but they also like to cram in as many as they can, without punctuation. My favorite, by far, was when it said this:


I'd try it.