Sunday, January 29, 2012

Still Not Dead

...Woke up way too early with a migraine and hypersensitive hearing. I tried to just ignore it and go back to sleep -- ended up under a blanket on the window seat, with earmuffs on, hating the buzzsaw wail of the furnace draft-inducer (which is no more than a low purr).

Ibuprofen eventually dulled the pain and roar and I dropped off for another couple of hours. Woke to discover Tam's cat had colonized the tented area beneath my bent knees and was objecting to my efforts to move. She eventually succumbed to the inevitable and here I am, only a little worse for the wear.


Tango Juliet said...

I can't believe you made a cat move and survived to tell the tale!

Hope you feel better soon.

Jeffro said...

Well, crap. Glad yer still with us!

Ken said...

Glad you're better. For what it's worth, my wife's migraines respond pretty quicklly to Excedrin Migraine formula in combination with those "BeKoool" (sp?) gel forehead strips.

North said...

Last couple of days for me was migraine with the same effect on my sight. I can relate to what you went through. Nothing works except hydrocodone which only helps a little for me. (Morphine is the only thing that is a near instant cure.)

Take care. Think cool quiet thoughts. I hope you get better rapidly.

Panamared said...

Unless you know for sure that you are not having heart problems, please get a check up. Unfortunately the only way to find some heart problems is to have a stress test. I only recently found out that this kind of pain, especially in women, can be heart related.

Roberta X said...

My migraines are the result of intractable sinus/upper jawbone issues, not heart problems. There's not a thing to be done about them other than OTC pain pills; trust me on this, as I have wasted a lot of time, effort and money on other attempted solutions, every last bit of them ineffectual at best and sheer quackery at worst.

It is unfortunate but that's the hand I was dealt.

Joseph said...

I lower back has been in rebellion for two days, making it very painful to do anything. Today I am going to have to do it anyways, certain things just have to be done.

Keads said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Please take Panamared's (implicit) advice seriously.

Last October, my friend was whinging about being abnormally tired. He's an Army Apache pilot of the Colonel variety--47 years old.

Right now he's awaiting release from Johns Hopkins after his second chemo treatment for Leukemia. Bethesda had diagnosed him for MSD ("pre-leukemia") but referred him to JH for a second opinion.

Be serious about your health and see the best Doc you can find. Please. For us, your fans.


Roberta X said...

Anon: if I'm not better in 8 or 9 days, I may, but there's no time to be sick until after next weekend.

OTOH, I have lost friends to cancer and them knowing what they had didn't help any. My experience with the medicos is the things they can do anything about, man, they're great at that -- but few of them will admit that the things they can't do anything about make up a much longer list. They resent you if you show up with any malady on the second list, since in that case, you will either get better without their meddling or you're walking dead and they've got to figure out when to tell you. (You know what most M.D.s do if they come down with something mostly fatal in which life can be somewhat prolonged by medical intervention? --They treat the symptoms and die like humans rather than like lab rats, is what).

Leading the Drama Lama back to the barn, I suspect my present "illness" is nothing more than age, lack of sleep and the recent virus, with my normal headaches on top.

Home on the Range said...

Bobbie - I've seen you suffer from these for years. It's not just a good hand, even if it's the one your want.

I was whining about my knee to my big bro (we talk all the time). He sort of chuckled and said "I was on crutches for three years (his leg was crushed in a motorcycle accident". I QUICKLY shut up.

I've no grounds to complain about anything. Hope you feel better soon.

Roberta X said...

Not the one I want, just what I got. Seriously, there's nothing they prescribe that helps -- and quite a few that make things worse. A couple of 'em zombiefied me. (I know how those drugs "treat" migraines: the patient stops complaining. Of course, the patient stops a lot of other human-type reactions, too, but hey, no whining.)

North said...

I'm all sorts of entertaining on Imitrex - doubly so when I forget and also have a beer. My head still hurts, but I giggle and lose my balance.

If I can function, I work with a migraine. Thankfully the ones that completely clobber me are not that frequent. (I say after having one this weekend that took me out completely for 24 hours. But then was such a relief after I felt "a little better" that I perceived it as feeling good.)