Thursday, January 19, 2012


It's dark. I have a headache, my back hurts and from the way it feels, I have 1.25 sinuses -- two on one side and -0.75 on the other.

And yet somehow -- somehow! -- I'm supposed to be thrilled that:

A) Some sort of bowl-game thingie will be in town.

B) Some indeterminate number of sporting-even fans will be in town. 100,000? More? We don't even know how many of them can drive safely in snow and cold! I don't think we even know where they're from, yet. Not here; our team for this sport didn't even bother to show up this season.

C) I am promised that there will be fun, Fun, FUN! downtown, near the venue to this sporting event that I don't care about and don't have tickets for. My reaction to this heap big fun associated with can only be imagined by picturing Pat Paulsen being offered a lifetime supply of cold, malodorous mud: I'm less thrilled.

D) The players union is sticking an oar in Indiana's Right To Work debate. 'Cos we do a lot of exploiting downtrodden sporting figures here -- the way the coach and players of our team were fired en masse midway through their terrible season, for instan-- What? Kept them? Despite being miserably bad? All? Only fired the top brass, after they were washed out? Oh. It's a pity the players have not threatened a wildcat strike over R-T-W -- that would be news!

I'd call in sick but there's actual work to be done. That is more like fun than fighting ijits in traffic for doubtful access to dubious activities in uncertain weather, with slim-to-none odds of finding a place to park.


Robert Fowler said...

I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm glad that mess is there and not here. I've never been a big fan and I guess I just don't understand the whole party out in the cold thing.

I understand about the sinus thing. Get better soon.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Anybody making a guaranteed salary, paid whether or not they play/work, of over $100,000 shouldn't be allowed to have a union. Period.

Anonymous said...

I sympathise, we have a local football team here (that's real FOOTball as opposed to the silly game where everyone dresses up in armour, seven layers of padding and then runs around with the ball under their arm after shouting random numbers and 'Hup' at each other. Yes I've seen it, my take? It was like watching an obscure tribe perform some ritual, visually pleasing but completely impossible to understand, but then I feel that about almost all sports) amazingly the local residents all seem to go away for the day when a match is played, then return to sweep up the vomit and other sundry detritus.

Oh, whilst I should be recommending some oxymetazoline preparation for your asymmetric sinus problem, try a raw onion (Er, I should say eat it, not insert pieces nasally for the less cranially endowed out there in blogland) it has the same effect.

wv 'monstise' - for that unsightly monster problem you can't mention in polite circles.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure happy that mess is in your town, and not anywhere around me. I'm not a spectator sports fan, except maybe a little NASCAR.