Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An SOTU Moment


President, rattling a big ol' saber: "We'll keep Iran from having a nuke by any means possible!"

Congress: [Lengthy standing ovation]

President: "Of course, peaceful resolution would be better..."

Congress: [Scattered applause that trails off awkwardly]

President: "...And if Iran changes could rejoin the community of nations..."

Congress: [...crickets...]

Yay, war? While I doubt Iran's government could get much more paranoid, I do have to wonder if this is the very same President and Congress that's been so proud about bringing the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. I guess the war you thunk up yourself is way better than the one your predecessors left for you -- especially when you won't be going there yourself.

I'm no fan of Iran's government but looking the other way and whistling loudly (while possibly picking up part of the tab) every time Israel overtly or covertly hammers their nuclear-weapons program back into the Stone Age has been working very well so far, and with far less loss of innocent life than a good, old-fashioned war. --Of course, war plays better at re-election time, as President after President has demonstrated, usually with Congress cheerin' 'em on.


(Actual video at the very end of this segment and continues, opening with thunderous ovation here. Bonus V.P. nose-picking adventure starts about 2:45 in the second linked video.)


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I don't think even a war with Iran -- which I really believe would be popular -- could save this president, even though traditionally we don't change leadership in wartime.

If the Big O were more than an empty suit and his party one that could actually be trusted to follow through in a fight, that might not be the case. But he and they simply don't have the chops for this. And everybody knows it.

Bubblehead Les. said...

What I don't get is that he walked into the Building knowing that the SEALs had just safely rescued two hostages from Somali Thugs. If he wanted to send a chill down Iran's Spine, he should have mentioned it, then said something Macho, instead of waiting for "Today's Good Morning USA"shows.

Which tells me that a working Teleprompter is In Charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Cincinnatus said...

Just another example of how everything in the SOTU speech was a complete contradiction to his actual actions for the last three years.

Old Fat Sailor said...

Between the 21st Century Perdicaris Alive or Razuli Dead Seal raid, right of free passage/embargo and a populist tax rant you would thinking he was channeling Teddy Roosevelt.

Spartacus said...

I didn't watch the campaign speech either. I don't like being lied to. He can campaign in other peoples living rooms all he wants, but not in mine.

Chuck said...

I think the tepid response was more a realization that the Iranian government is not interested in a peaceful resolution and will not change course than an interest in war. I also think that "any means possible" in this President's case means letting someone else do it.

Anonymous said...

Iran's been on our sh*t list since '79. Couple that with the allegations that they were supplying the terrorists in Iraq with weapons that killed our men, their general bad behavior over the past thirty years, their recent threats against the Navy, and the fact that they are working on nukes, and you have a pretty good case to get a lot of people enthused about whoppin' some Persian a**.

Talking to them or making nice... not so much.

Spartacus said...

@ docjim
Iran is dealing with about 60% unemployment and a currency in a death spiral, their saber rattling makes me think of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick.