Monday, January 09, 2012

Oh, Yeah! Scootering!

Treated some gasoline with Magical Stabilizing Goo, filled up my motorscooter, could not get it started and had to charge up the battery, got it started and motored off to the grocery that has the good peanut butter cups (and keeps 'em fresh) to restock my supply of essentials.

--On 9 January!

Those of you from more-clement climes may not quite grasp how happy-making this is. Trust me, it is.

I'd commute on it if I didn't have to go through an iffy neighborhood in the dark. Might be warm(ish) but the days are still too short.


Karl said...

Loving the weather in Cincinnati! Been outside smoking cigars - 3 in past week. Tomorrow is supposed to be even better!

Dave H said...

What kind of Magical Stabilizing Goo do you use? I have good luck with Seafoam when I need to store the bike for the winter.

Keads said...

Magical Stabilizing goo is good stuff! So is lead additive for *ahem* older rebuilt engines. It always looks like a chemistry experiment when I pull out the '66 or '71 Mustangs for a refuel!

It was almost 70 here over the weekend. That is not the norm!

Anonymous said...

I have been tempted to fire up the VTX1300R and I live north of Minneapolis. The only problem I have is that she is sleeping at a storage unit 5 miles from here.

Stan in MN

Panamared said...

I may be in Florida, but I still understand, any day on two wheels is just better. By the way riding in Florida monsoon season has it's own special challenges.

NYEMT said...

Upstate NY can be hard on motorcyclists in the winter, too. I'm bike-less at the moment, but my buddy at work came waddling in one day last week with his helmet under his arm, layered up to his eyebrows, and a huge grin frozen on his face. No - I mean "frozen" literally. It was 24 deg F. Crazy SOB. 35-ish was always my personal cutoff. Colder than that, and you have to wear too many clothes for it to be fun. We declared him the undisputed winner for the riding year, though. ;)

karrde said...

My, motorcycle, has been in storage since November.

Otherwise I would have brought her out this past weekend.

As it is, I saw a motorcyclist out on the road on both Saturday and Sunday. Crazy guys...but obviously enjoying themselves.

Blackwing1 said...

Fired up the 'Wing on Saturday here in Minnesnowta. Rode to work both Monday and Tuesday. The morning ride in yesterday was at 25F, but it popped up to the low 50's by late afternoon.

I gave up "winterizing" my bikes a long time ago. Now they're just parked (up on the center-stand). Whenever we get a warm day (above 25 some years) I just fire it up and let it run for at least 20 minutes (to make sure all the condensate in the exhaust pipes has been boiled away, otherwise you get a line of rust on the bottom of your pipes). Take it off the stand, move it around inside the garage a little to get the fork seals and shocks moved.

I used to put in in Seafoam or Stabil, and put some oil in the tops of the cylinders, but all it does is foul the plugs and generally mess things up. Keep the battery up with an occasional charge, and that's about it. Works for me.

The weather's on the change this morning, with a cold front moving through with rain (at first), then ice, followed by snow. Oh, boy! I'm sure Indy will be seeing this stuff in another day. Stay safe on those two wheels, and keep the rubber-side down.

Roberta X said...

I've used Sta-Bil the last two winters and it seems to work. Ruined the battery last year, though, by not keeping it charged. So before too long, I'll have to either put it on the battery tender and/or bring it in.

I used a different fuel-stabilizer the preceding years, same bottle, until it occurred to me to wonder how long it lasted before it started to break down. Nobody makes fuel-stabilizer stabilizer!