Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sunday Brekky Delight!

It's hot, it's filling and it's tasty. I didn't get out at all yesterday, so this morning's repast was based on what I had on hand:
Tinned corned beef
"Brown & Wild" rice mix

Done up as fried rice (a dash of soy sauce to wake up the rice -- a light hand, the beef's salty enough already), with a very little cayenne and a bit more (but still not much) curry powder and some salt-free spice mix ("Mrs. Dash" or one of the similar contestants) just as the eggs are finishing up scrambled in the center of the pan, it's way better than I expected, especially served with chives and some shredded mixed cheese.I was originally thinking corned beef hash, with fresh potatoes. Now I'm actually happy I was out of tatties.

Update, second helping: OMG, maybe you'd better not make this stuff -- I think it's addictive!


davidc said...

Looks yummy !

Spartacus said...

Agree with davidc. How does it fair in the refrig as a nuke it and run breakfast for the work week? Biscuits and gravy are getting a bit old and accumulating around the mid section IYKWIM (bound to happen when approaching 50 faster than I'd like)

Roberta X said...

It would last a day or two in the fridge. Prep/cooking time is under 15 minutes with nuke-in-bag rice, though, so it's about as easy to make it as reheat it. The beef is already cooked.