Wednesday, January 18, 2012



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John A said...

U did find a link to the bill, but having tried to follow a few other laws I will continue to read and compare other analyses,

I will say, though, that while the "Entertainment industry" may be the instegators, I am more worried about others. The procedure seems even easier than a YouTube takedown: the Phelps clan/cut might be anle to shut down almost everything. Or CAIR could. Heck, I could.

Except... apparently Comcast management is for SOPA/PIPA, but their techs have pointed out that their computer systems have now been tied to DNSSEC[ure], supported by several Federal agencies as well as private companies, which would make it impossible for Comcast to comply with SOPA/PIPA, and indeed DNSSEC itself would be made illegal.