Saturday, January 14, 2012

She Returns

Back from the film, which was far better than I had expected (and my expectations were high), better than most documentaries and remarkably deft at weaving the tale together from its various threads. With a packed house of broadcast professionals and avid fans, it received an ovation. We were rapt -- and that's an audience drawn largely from members of a line of work where a degree of ADHD is an advantage.*

--I don't know how well it will play to people who didn't grow up in the Indianapolis radio market, but considering that it involves one of the hottest AMs of all time, one of the first FM rockers, a pirate station that ran locally for several years and that it plays out against a backdrop of popular music -- well, I think Naptown Rock Radio Wars has got a damn good chance. (Pity the poor lawyers clearing copyright and ASCAP/BMI fees, holding up a stopwatch against Fair Use guidelines, such as they are).

Saw exactly two (2) people I know from Way Back. Expected to run into more but didn't. (My crowd was mostly after the period the film covers.) But I certainly knew one of my fellow limo passengers:That's him, the one on the right, famous on the radio and then famous on TV. But I think I have to write him a check if I mention his name. (The other guy? Famous on the radio. Do they appear to have the same tailor? Note to self: next life, work more on the "famous" part. That's where the medium-large money is. ;) Ooooo.)

Wonderful film, see it if you can. May be upcoming on local PBS next month. (You're not gonna get a limo ride with that showing.)
* I'm not being glib. At what point does the intense creative state known as "flow" become "hyperfocus?" That kind of live radio happens one side or the other of right about there.Link


Anonymous said...

The suspense is too much. Who are they?

Mike James

Roberta X said...

Seriously, Mike, local media figure Tom Cochrun has always has goooood agents; I couldn't possibly point him out. :)