Thursday, January 26, 2012


...Right-to-work was voted in by the House; Indiana's Senate already passed their version. So, all over, right?

Nope. They still have to match 'em up. The state's AFL-CIO boss says she has something up her sleeve, too.

And it's still all heat, no light.

Aw, heck, in Anarchtopia, they'd have to work it out one-by-one at the bargaining table. And/or with pickets and brickbats -- it'd either be louder or quieter and, IMO, better either way. As is, if only metaphor were real, the state would be incredibly rich in organic fertilizer.

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Chuck Kuecker said...

Major error in the article you linked - Wisconsin did not "strip(s) nearly all collective bargaining rights from organized labor".

I wish he had - all the law did was remove the power of public unions to hold their bosses hostage to votes if they don't agree to union demands.

Wisconsin is definitely NOT "right to work". Maybe if Walker survives the coming recall, we will see that happen.