Saturday, January 07, 2012

This, That & The Noise Inside My Head

The other NRA -- that'd be the National Rifle Association of United Kingdom, a decade or two older than ours -- sells some nifty pin badges, one of them available to non-members. Different traditions over there and very different laws, but there are still Britons left who can and do shoot very well and even more who'd like to; might as well show a little solidarity.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk: not only is he aiming to deliver groceries and provide taxi service to and from orbit, he's got bigger plans. He would like to sell you real-estate on Mars. Clever lad that he is, he's waiting until he can actually get there and working very hard to make it happen. The more I read about SpaceX, the more amazed I am. (Can't afford a ticket? Get the flying model! It's on my wish list.* Look at it here but please buy via Tam.)

Last but not least, what was mild dizziness yesterday has turned into a nice test for simulated weightlessness today. As I'm not in Earth orbit and don't have that long a task list for the day, I'm goin' back to bed. (Already fell asleep in the bathtub without meaning to, which is a pretty sure sign of something).
* "Customers who bought this item also bought--" lists Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash (sure, it's "escape literature" but look where the readers are escaping to!) and a fascinating documentary I hadn't heard of, Orphans of Apollo, about the failed MirCorp venture. WANT! GOT!

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Anonymous said...

We, here in the PRUK, wish to express our gratitude for the support (and yes I'm a long time member)

I don't know about the 'shoot very well' bit but at least I'm regular (even travel regularly to France and the Isle of Man to use something other than .22, see I even have an excuse for not being that good).