Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Senator Doesn't Live Here Anymore

...And Senator Richard Lugar has neither lived in nor owned his official Indianapolis address in decades, term after term. He doesn't even appear to have a studio apartment in the state of Indiana! Not so much as an, ahem, cottage to call his own.

Isn't that special? You have to be amazed at the sense of entitlement that allowed him to just ignore this. One has to wonder if the courts will.

I haven't liked or much trusted the man since pretty much forever -- it was that awful forced smile that worried me -- but I thought he at least understood how to fake honorableness.


PA State Cop said...

Bobbi, sat in on a Senate Hearing where Lugar was the Senior Republican sitting. I was not impressed. Sorry, you got anything better coming up?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Does make one wonder what residence he's been putting on his filing forms, doesn't it?

Carl-Bear said...

Not exactly a surprise. When I lived in Indianapolis (actual physical residense/employment/etc) I didn't think Lugar resided in the same space-time continuum as the rest of us.

But Indiana voters kept electing him, which suggested the voting majority were checking in with reality either.

Simon said...

A person does not have to physically present in a state to be a resident. He only needs an address to put on his drivers license/identification application and pay state income tax if required. The address can be a post office box or a mail forwarding service.

Roberta X said...

Tell me, Simon, do you think using the address of a home he doesn't own, rent, stay in as a guest or even get his mail forwarded from should count?

...Because that's what he does. Follow the links, see the evidence.

I believe you're going by State law, which doesn't apply here.

JD Rush said...

Our Esteemed Senator Harkin has a mail box here and shows up once or twice a non-election year for the mail. Chuck Grassley at least has a farm, and does help with planting/ harvest. My house rep, Dem Drone Leonard Boswell, is home once in a while and actually fights home invaders himself. To bad that is the only thing he has done since getting elected.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

@JD Rush: I can think of something a lot worse than a do-nothing congresscritter -- namely, an activist one.

Simon said...

X,I am not a resident of your state so have no dog in this fight. Just a statement about establishing residence for purposes such voting, obtaining drivers license, running for state or federal office,serving on juries, etc.

However some cities, counties, and possible some states may require a physical presence in order to run for some elected offices.

Pres. Bush the first, had a hotel in Houston, Tx. for his place of residence when he ran for office.

Drang said...

So what?