Monday, March 19, 2012

A Better Morning

...Despite a mild backache, I'm feeling better. There's nothing like 12+ hours of sleep when you're under the weather! My thanks to everyone who left good wishes yesterday.

Interesting items:

Those non-PC "morale patches" that show up at gun shows and (sometimes) on soldiers? Mil-spec Monkey makes a lot of 'em. Er, some are mildly NSFW. (FWIW, on the sales site, they appear to have the USSF-era patches for starships Lupine and Vulpine. And you thought the Hidden Frontier was fiction?)

I knew the Krasne family business was a source for hard-to-find magazines but I had no idea they sold gun-type leather, including some really nice carrying and saddle bags. Pricing seems decent, especially since from the photos, the stitching patterns look right and the hardware appears sturdy. (My two complaints about most leather items -- it's a little more work to sew straps and handle attachments properly but it makes a huge difference in durability.)

On Saturday, we saw (but I failed to photograph) what should be Tam's fave cartridge: the .25 Bacon & Bliss. Mmmmm, bacon. Blissful, indeed. It was in a nice, old-school collection of small-arms cartridges, which would've made a fine home-decor item.


Tango Juliet said...

Glad you're feeling better!

Cincinnatus said...

Somewhere around here I have the Bart Simpson Tailhook patch given to me by an F14 driver.

Knitebane said...

I bought a Triple-K holster for my 6" Security Six about a year ago. While the retention strap is a bit on the rough and chintzy side the holster itself is a perfect fit.

The strap works but is rough on the backside and edges and the snap is a bit wobbly. If the holster regularly accompanied me I'd replace the strap. It's just laced into the inside of the holster so replacing it would actually be pretty easy.

The body of the holster is reasonably well made, at least enough for its purpose which is a nightstand holster with the occasional open carry event. A bit of Lexol softened it up some but it didn't go floppy.

And considering that the Sec Six has been out of production for a while my options for gun leather are limited. It was the Triple-K, a nylon one-size-fits-none job, an expensive Bianchi or a very expensive custom rig. As I recall, the Triple-K came in at about $45.