Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Doin' The Mokita

It's not the latest dance craze; it's not a new mixed drink. Nope; it's one of them-there furrin' words* and it means, "What everyone knows but no one will mention," things like fascination of car wrecks or the person responsible for noisy/obnoxious flatulence in a large group.

Or -- what the heck -- the way Social Security went over the cliff a long time back, and is just whistling in the wind before it goes smash at the bottom. Even Huffies get it. And best of all, everyone gets to blame their most favoritest villains: the looting was done in a warm glow of bipartisanship, a little bit of a time! Of course, the real crime was making such a promise in the first place, and the changes in both retirement age and increasing lifespan that moved it from a kind of "last man's bottle" or tontine to a generational pyramid scheme. --But hey, on the bright side, you got a nifty little blue-and-white card and an official .gov tracking number, all your very own!

Another mokita -- dig that hint of mint and alum? -- is the way "capitalism" takes the rap for cronyism and mercantilism. Alan Greenspan is still tryin' to 'splain -- and just as naturally, the lamestream media thinks the big lede is that dour Uncle Alan has opined that capitalism needs a tune-up.

We've all got our own list of unfaced truths. Now at least you know what name to file it under.
* It's Kivila. Well, of course. Spoken on some island utopia in Papua New Guinea, no doubt far from the scourge of modern dentistry or internet access.


Joe in PNG said...

Dentistry does tend to hard to find in the Land of the Unexpected. Add a love of betel nut to the mix, and one does get some interesting looking teeth.

Now internet, on the other hand...
(Of course I'm in Florida at the moment).

Anonymous said...

"person responsible for noisy/obnoxious flatulence in a large group"

My next dog is being named Mokita in your honour (it really was him, honest!).