Thursday, March 29, 2012

National Brotherhood Week!

Yeah, why not? Hooded sweatshirts have been politicized, tennis shoes/trainers were long, long ago and a whole generation of Americans took denim dungarees as their flag.

There is no damn thing you can be, do or wear that some other of your fellow nekkid apes won't take as an affront. --And it just gets worse from there.



squisher said...

And, as always; Tom Lehrer is a genius.

Anonymous said...

First time I heard this, was right after the '67 Arab-Isreali war. Still funny, if sad for it's Truth. :-\ JohninMd(help)

Skip said...

Is it the us v them time?
The who is pushing this diversion of focus meme is the issue. Whomever is behind this, is very good.

Stretch said...

Ah, from his time on TWTWTW*.
I can still remember some of the skits 45 years on.
Wonder if there's a market for dated political humor that still carries a sting?

*The American version though Lehrer did a guest spot or two on the British version.