Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Refresco For Pauses

It's no secret my palate is quirky but I am at present enjoying a beverage I should've bought a case of: cucumber soda! (Caveat bibens! I know nothing about these business sites -- Thirstmonger looks to have the best price.)

Sounds goofy but it's light, sweet and refreshing, lacking the acid "bite" of most soft drinks. Goes right well with overpoweringly-spiced corn chips, that's for sure. Despite not being much of a drinker, I wonder how it would do with some V-8 (spicy-hot for the venturesome), a splash of vodka and a celery-stalk garnish?

Pondering some firearms photography -- stay tuned!


LabRat said...

Given my favorite gin and tonic, which is just about my favorite cocktail, is Hendricks' with a quarter cuke... yeah, I'd probably dig that stuff.

Jeffro said...

This reminds me of a Vietnamese coworker from my Post Office days who I admire greatly because of her stubbornness and pluck. She brought her fav snacks and beverages imported from the Far East to work all the time, and one of them was a "White Gourd Drink."

She had me sample it once, and it was a fairly innocuous and mildly sweet - apparently "white gourd" is really a white melon and not a squash.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about a cucumber drink but I recently read about a healthy alternative which apparently can positively influence a few personal problems I experience from time to time. I'm giving it a try, I'm up to two bottles a day so far. See what you think.

John A said...

If not cucumber, Dr. Brown's Celery Soda seems to do well in supermarkets here in R.I. Haven't tried it, but have been tempted to.