Thursday, March 22, 2012

No, New York, No

Following a link at Unk's, I learned the Hoosier Marine who'd tried to have his firearm properly stowed so he could visit the Empire State Building and got arrested for his trouble, has plead out to a misdemeanor. (or "pled," which spellcheck Does. Not. Like.)

NYC's legal lights have, I think, realized the only way they're going to have a chance of keeping their archaic, repressive gun laws (in violation of Federal laws!) is to keep them from doing much harm to citizens of more-advanced states. This Marine, under close inspection, was not the ideal guy to fight for freedom over the matter, so he and his attorney likely made the right call.

But that's not what caught my eye. No, it was an example of how deep the rot goes: the Post article twice refers to his "Indiana-registered gun."

Gentlemen, ladies, New York reporters from every paper: that's not how we do it here. Indiana is a free state. Gun registration is not only not required, it's unconstitutional. The state of Indiana does "register" persons who have had a background check to clear them to carry a loaded handgun, open or concealed; we call it a License To Carry Handgun. It's not needed to carry one cased and unloaded. We do not register guns, nohow, no way. Try to restrain your fear -- wanna compare gun-death rates?


Robert said...

Probably taking their cue from every damn cop show set in a place that doesn't require registration. Whenever a gun is involved, they ALWAYS ask who it was registered to, regardless of actual local law.

Weer'd Beard said...

Its a alarmingly common mentality, that I think would have died out when the interstate highways were built and air travel turned from the playthings of the rich and famous to the Greyhound busses in the sky.

Here in Massachusetts you can't buy a sixpack of beer or a bottle of wine in a grocery store. All adult beverages MUST be sold from a liquor store (a few states have similar laws, but none are near Massachusetts) and Mass is the ONLY state that REQUIRES traffic around work sites to be directed by a uniformed Police officer being paid overtime.

Yet whenever these foolish laws come up for a vote they fail by huge margins. People just assume everyplace else is just like us, and if this law is repealed we'll be embarking into some unknown "great social experiment".

people who live in restrictive states where gun owners have to sew gold stars to their garments and pay to exercise their rights assume EVERYBODY is like that.

Stuart the Viking said...

In a rare conversation with my Ex-wife a few years ago, the topic of guns came up. She was amazed that I was allowed by the state to own multiple handguns. She lives in Central Illinois... where I would also be allowed by the state to own multiple handguns. The only difference being that her in FL I don't have to have a FOID, and I can get a CC permit where that is impossible in Illinois.

People who are not gun-people quite often don't have any idea what the gun laws really are.


Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience with a police officer (at least I think he was-uniform, badge, gun, some kind of insignia from VA state agency). Wanted to take the ferry across to Jamestown instead of doing a 50 mile detour. Pull up to the ramp and see a No Dangerous Items sign. Since I had guns in the truck, I park it and walk up to the officer there and ask.
"Is the gun registered in VA." "No but I have a CCL from a state that has reciprocity with VA." "OK, just don't pull it out" Now, they don't register guns in CO and I don't think they do in VA either. Watching too many cop shows.

North said...

It is brainwashing the general public.

Someone in uniform (who could never do wrong) asks "Is this (dangerous, horrible, threatening) gun registered?"

The citizen (who needs to be treated as a criminal) will answer: "The gun is not registered" which is equivalent to saying "this gun is illegal and likely to up and shoot babies and grandmothers."

The common public perception is that all guns that are not "registered" are illegal.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Anonymous @ 0911: You are correct, Virginia does not have registration. I believe that under current state law it would be illegal for any state or local agency to keep a registration of guns.

In fact, not only do you not have to register guns in VA, but it is perfectly legal to carry your unregistered gun without any form of permission from the .gov overlords, as long as it is done openly. You don't even have to be a VA resident! You do need permission to let your jacket drape over it, but we're working on that, and at least the process is simple and inexpensive (capped by law at $50 total, not counting the safety course - which can be a simple and inexpensive hunter's safety class).

Panamared said...

Always remember that it is your responsibility to know the gun laws wherever you choose to carry. Many LEO's have learned the law from an instructor or supervisor that didn't really know the law. At least locally the biggest problems seem to be in the smallest locals.

Loki1776 said...

Someone in uniform (who could never do wrong) asks "Is this (dangerous, horrible, threatening) gun registered?"

Maybe we should all practice answering this with, "It is legally owned. In my state guns are not registered."

rickn8or said...

As I commented at Unk's yesterday, the "registration" thing is to keep citizens from asking "Wait a minute. If his Indiana driver's license is good in NYC, why not his CCW?"

But North as a better explanation.

Because if you have an "illegal" gun, you're obviously up to no good.

Stranger said...

I do not think a Gotham paper would want to compare crime rates with any state with relaxed gun laws.

Officially, NYC's homicide rate is 6.5 but the reality is just above 12. Bloomers controls crime - with an eraser.

Indiana? 4.5 - with moderately restrictive gun laws. Not quite one third of Bloomers Paradise, but close.


Rob K said...

I try to leave a comment explaining that we don't register guns every time I see it in a news paper article. It's sad how many times I've had to explain that to fellow Hoosiers!

Skeptic said...

Off topic, but another comment wasn't entirely accurate on another issue:

Here is a list of grocery stores in Masachusetts that sell wine:

I try to leave a comment explaining that the wine and beer in grocery stores issue is complcated I see it in a blog comment. It's sad how many times I've had to explain that to fellow MassH**s!

Anonymous said...

Or, MY favorite method, being an inmate of the People's Dem. Rep. of Md., cover da roscoes an' STFU.

Tam said...

I well remember a roadside encounter with a TN county mountie:

Him: "Is this gun registered?"

Me: "Uh, there isn't any 'gun registration' in Tennessee. As a matter of fact, it's specifically against state law to register guns..."

Him: "Oh, no, we have gun registration in this state! Did you fill out..."

Me: "Oh, did someone fill out a yellow form 4473 when the gun was purchased? Then, yes, officer, the gun is 'registered' in Tennessee."

I wasn't about to explain the niceties of state law to this goober on the side of the road... *sigh*

Montie said...

I am constantly amazed by the number of people who, having just recently acquired some form of firearm or just recently moved here with one, ask my advise ('cause you know, us cops are really just like lawyers except our legal advise is free) on how to register their gun here in Oklahoma.

Like Indiana, we don't do that crap, since Oklahoma has managed to retain some vestiges of freedom. When I tell them that, more often than not they go all slack-jawed and get a blank look. No doubt the result of having been educated on all things gun-related through years of TV cop shows.

Montie said...


Yes, there are those in my profession who have a profound ignorance of such things (sigh).