Saturday, March 10, 2012

Breakfast: Hot Scrambled...Salad?

Not quite, though I'm skating on the edge:
  • Bacon, fried and set aside to drain and ponder its inevitable fate
  • "Caribbean Style" rice with red beans, nuked and fried in the bacon fat with:
  • a Leek
  • Carrots, a couple
  • Celery, 3 stalks (half with the preceding ingredients, half later)
  • Hot pickled cherry peppers, 2, diced fine
  • Radishes, 2, one diced and the other halved, sliced thin, and set back for garnish
  • Get all the above cooked 'til the veggies are "bright," then push it to the sides of the wok and add some chopped cabbage (half a cup or a bit more; I used leftover coleslaw mix, with both green and purple cabbage) that has been very lightly sprinkled with good vinegar
  • Plus the remaining celery (less a taste!); saute lightly (the purple cabbage starts to fade) and add
  • One-quarter of a large, red sweet or bell pepper, diced. (Set another quarter back for garnish and save the remaining half for later) Stir it in and push to the sides of the wok. Eggs are next; if it looks like you'll need to add some fat or oil to keep them from sticking, do so.
  • Scramble two eggs in the center
  • When the eggs are done, turn the fire off and crumble the bacon in
  • Add a good cheese -- I shaved corners from the remainder of the Provolone Picante.
  • Mix well, garnish with radish and/or red pepper to taste, and enjoy!
Tam put Sriracha sauce on hers; I added a nice big dollop of pesto, instead. Either way, it's good! And good for you, too. --I suppose we could've had a V8, instead, but hey, it's the weekend.


MSgt B said...

You left out the plain white steamed rice. 4 cups.

That's almost exactly our fried rice recipe.

Minus the peppers.

BobG said...

Looks a lot like an Asian dish to me.