Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fire Frank Straub: Update

It appears the City-County Council is considering climbing aboard the Fire Frank Straub bandwagon; he was initially approved by a 16-13 vote and he's up for reappointment with dim prospects of receiving a majority of approval votes.

It may not matter; our Mayor appoints the Public Safety Director and it is unclear what a disapproval vote from the Council even means -- and, loyal as a faithful dog, Mayor Ballard is reappointing Dr. Straub.

Let's see, the Public Safety department is $15 million in the hole, administrative salaries have more the doubled* and the number of actual policemen out there, you know, policing, has declined. Yeah, you're doing a heck of a job, Brownie! Er, Frank.
* Hey, did I tell you we got a 3% raise in my department? And darned happy to get it, too. Our first increase of any kind since 2007. Guess if I wanted to keep up with inflation, I should've gone to work for the government -- as an administrator.


Stranger said...

As one who saw the Katrina disaster from the inside, Brownie was not the problem. The media was the problem.

Media malpractice rose to the level of a hanging offense against humanity, and maligning Brown was the least of it.


og said...

Congrats! I hope it helps. I wish I could get a percent. I can['t complain, I'm well compensated, but I haven't had a boost since 2004, IIRC. So I was either way overpaid then or I'm way underpaid now.