Saturday, March 10, 2012


Archer, the TV series. The recent, animated TV series. Yep, a cartoon; but you probably don't want the kids watching it until they're 21. Or 35. Maybe 42?

Tam got pointed at it and asked me last night to, "See if it's on that Rock On -- that Widgidoo? The purple thing next to the big TeeWee?"

"The Roku?"*


Of course it is, and popularly priced,* to boot. I bought the first episode just to check it out, and watching it, we laughed until our eyes watered. I bought the whole first season and we kept watching (each episode is an action-packed twenty minutes long), giggling, guffawing and sometimes having to backtrack to catch a missed line or punchline. ("Oh, we'll watch just one more." Five episodes later...!)

It's a spy spoof to end all spy spoofs. The weaponry is authentic ("Hey, that's a Deagle! Hey, who uses a Broomhandle Mauser for an assassination?" And so on) and even -- sometimes! -- runs out of bullets. The people are a bit larger-than-authentic, but the office dynamics will be only too familiar. Out of the office -- you've seen a Bond film or two, haven't you? Like that, only better. And animated. --Oh, and with Jeff Cooper's attitude towards the .25 ACP.

Archer. Even IMDB likes it. VFTP-recommended, TAORX-approved!

* Best of all, if you go to Tam's Amazon link to buy it, her next rent check probably won't bounce! And then I can buy the really good coffee and drink it until my eyes start buzzin'. Real loud. Oooooo! Yeah.


aczarnowski said...

You two aren't alone. This household had the exact same story after seeing episode 1.

If the writers could just address the clip/magazine faux pas. It's the only flaw that breaks the laughter for me.

You must not have NetFlix streaming? The first season is included there. Then it's off to some place else. I'll probably watch a few of those again tonight now that you've brought them up.

North said...

I loaned my copy of season 1 to a redhead that you know. She should send it on to you.

Archer carries a Walther PPK and also a Walther TPH as backup. Would love to get my hands on one.

And I'm tickled that the guns are drawn well enough to pick out the make/model. Assassin with broomhandle voiced by "Odo" from ST:DS9. Head of ODIN (Mallory's lover) voiced by Jeff Tambor who used to be on Arrested development with Jessica Walter (Mallory).

The show is absolutely excellent!

Roberta X said...

We already own Season one! Two will follow, probably later today.

Anonymous said...

My wife walked in while they were dicussing what was soaking in the sink. I'm still not sure she understands what I see in the program.


Tam said...


"a Walther TPH as backup. Would love to get my hands on one."

Be aware that our pet name for the TPH in the gunsmithing shack was "Toilet Paper Handgun", a comment on their reliability and durability. ;)

greg said...

Actually, Netflix now has the 2nd Season streaming also...the only thing that had us watch it in moderation is our inablitly to watch it until we know the kids are asleep.

Naughty, Naughty.

North said...

Tam: Crazy people want crazy things for crazy reasons.

People buy Derringers.

Tam said...

It's cool. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

I still kinda want one myself because they're awful cute. :D

North said...

Crazy people...

Larry said...

My favorite episode was the recent one where Burt Reynolds was dating his mom.

Alan said...

My new favorite show. Thanks, Roberta!

LeeAnn said...

I'm madly in love with Archer. Netflix has the first and second season on instant-watch (as others have pointed helpfully out, so just let's move on, shall we?), so for a couple of days I was useless for anything else.
Yeah, like I'm that much use anyway. Shush.