Thursday, March 08, 2012

Bird Or Flower?

...Sometimes there might be some confusion
Despite Bob Wood's examples in profusion:

"How To Tell The Birds From The Flowers"

(First published in 1917, preceding The Snouters by no few decades.)

Yes, Robert W. Wood invented blacklight; how ever did you guess?

(This very cute book had a hard-fought argument as a backdrop, with figures including Teddy Roosevelt and Jack London duking it out, pen-to-pen and typewriter-to-typewriter.)


JC said...

Awwww. Too cute. You're losing cred here Bobbi.

Roberta X said...

Am not: the backstory on this is about as vicious a fight as lit'rature ever sees, and included Teddy Roosevelt and Jack London among the combatants.

Thornharp said...

Ogden Nash must have read this.