Sunday, March 04, 2012

Lunch Menu

Toad-in-Hole with Surry sausage!

--But not plain ol' whitebread fried with henfruit in the center. Oh, no! Marbled rye (with a bit of Cajun seasoning sprinkled on), a big brown egg, and the top well-covered with diced leek and some diced hot pickled cherry pepper.

Little bitta bacon fat to start things, the Surries sizzlin' in the center an' smoky goodness sharing out to the eggs and bread. A couple of minutes with a lid over it all to ensure done-ness, then finished off in the open. Yum!

I'd've taken photos but it was just too tempting to wait.


BobG said...

When I was growing up, what is known as Toad-in-Hole in your area was called a "square egg" around here. We raised green head mallards when I was in my teens, and the duck eggs were the best for square eggs; they have a richer flavor than chicken eggs, in my opinion.

Roberta X said...

We had a pair of white ducks when I was growing up, Alice and Emma. Duck eggs are the best!

Two every morning. The ducks found them mildly puzzling.

(How fortunate I was! We were not especially "organic," and yet there was always some kind of vegetable garden, and at various times, duck eggs and honey from Mom's pet hive.)

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I've been making lots of 'no-knead bread' in a cast iron dutch oven. So the loaves are dutch oven size around. One of the advantages of the resulting longer oblong shaped slices is I can get two eggs in for my Iggy In A Basket.

Chas S. Clifton said...

"Henfruit" -- a term I associate with pseudo-folksy writing in Mother Earth News during its early decades. Do Hoosiers really say that? Or are you an old MEN subscriber?