Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Goat? Check. Rope? Check.

I have not commented on the Treyvon Martin/George Zimmerman shooting; the rest of the blogosphere and the lamestream media seem to have every angle covered and (despite what you may see in the LSM and from the Left -- but I repeat myself) the situation is crunching its way through the gears of the legal system while folks opine and fume. There will be a resolution. I suspect nobody will like it much.

But geez, how little things change at the heart of it -- there's an act of violence and the victim and the perp are of different "racial" or ethnic backgrounds, and we end up with lynch mobs and death threats. About the only improvement is, these days the po-lice are not too minded to step aside and let 'em string the accused up.

--I admit, that's a pretty good improvement, but it leaves the howling mob just as ready to mob up and howl as it ever was. The next time some Dem 'splains how their side is the smart, calm, rational side and the Right (and crazed, gun-totin' anarchocapitalists like me) are hot-blooded ijits ruled by emotion, laugh right in his or her face. --Because nobody is all that calm or rational and most days, I'm none too sure about "smart," either.

Look around at your fellow not-very-hairy primates. See 'em? Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Jefferson, Marx, Dali, all your co-workers, the guys who pick up the trash, your family doc, picture 'em? Push the right wrong buttons and they will rip you limb from limb -- and smile and count themselves doing $DEITY's work, too. Just like their ancestors would've in 10,000 B.C. (except back then, you might've ended up on the dinner menu, cos, hey, meat).

That's the world you live in. It ain't gonna change. It's wired right into their genes -- yours and mine, too.


LabRat said...

Interesting fun fact that has nothing to do with your central point but might amuse all the same: H. sap and H. sap sap weren't cannibalistic, or at least weren't at any higher rate than cultures are today. H. erectus and H. neandertal both show plenty of evidence of killing and eating other hominids including their own species, but it appears ours is distinctive in being the first to see enough of themselves in other hominids that the idea of eating them was troublesome.

They would, however, still bash you right good with a rock or cute little stone axe.

Keads said...

Yeah, it's wired for sure, but I think we have lost the veneer of social behavior in public for a lot of reasons. Hmm... Need to think on this one before I comment further.

Roberta X said...

LabRat: Good to know. Still not gettin' in the time machine, 'cos I'm not sure how they felt about rape.

B said...

Bobbie: didja get the book?

Roberta X said...

I did and I thank you! I'm very fond of George O. Smith.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Yep. And just think of what might happen, if (by some Miracle!), the Republicans win the White House. Don't know about you, but I plan on avoiding Cleveland for a few days after the Election, and I'm sure there will be a lot of Cities where it would not be smart to be in. Can you say "Rodney King Verdict?"

But with the Lineup the Republicans have sent this year, it probably won't happen.