Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Miserable Morning

Woke up with a world-class headache and full sinuses; woke up again, an hour later, ditto, and again an hour after that -- when the alarm went off, which is kind of like cayenne pepper under the eyelids, only in my ears.

Staggered around making some kind of breakfast -- not cold cereal, there was stuff in the fridge wanted using -- and coffee and hey, got through it despite.

The wastebasket lid had popped at the hinges (it does that -- time for a repair, halfway to replacement), but no problem.... Until, food cooked, plates loaded, coffee brewed, I went to throw away the coffee-grounds-filled filter. It hung up on the lid, slipped, dumped a good handful of wet grounds on the floor, and more when I moved the lid aside.

...And the remainder, unbeknownst to me, was all over the hip black wastebasket's hip black lid, deep sable and sepia, where it was contained until I moved it to get the giant wet glob of a coffee filter in the basket. Then the stuff, way more than the original amount, spilled all down the side of the fridge (in the door seal) and under it, too.

Naturally, by then I had cats (to whom coffee grounds smell kinda...sexy) and, as the long stream of Genuinely Bad Words I was uttering continued, Tam (who corralled the cats).

Did not need this.

Think I got it all and the food wasn't even cold. Why, I've even taken Vitamin I. Now, if only it has the desired effect.


North said...


BobG said...

"Start every day off with a smile and get it over with."
- W. C. Fields

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry. Hope you feel better soon.